AHP : Animal Hair Paper

My project was born from a question: Is it possible to re-use the waste animal hair? During the creation process of brushes, the factory throw away almost 50% of the animal hair. I wanted to find a way to recycle this precious resource. I created a new kind of paper that the factory can use to produce their packaging, saving both paper consumption and money. In this way they can benefit from one of their raw material. Following the principle of a circular economy, from the cutting animal hair during the tufting process of one brush, it's possible to obtain the packaging for the same brush. The paper retains the natural hair colour keeping a circular identity: the hair from outside lives inside.


Thinking about moments of happiness we could never do without, I realized that the things which remain etched in our mind and make us smile are simple. Like making mental associations or mental patterns, which are hardwired into the human brain. The beautiful and simple shape of the egg helped me create a connection with the human, with us. Then it was automatic play also with the plate (the place where the egg is related to us) succeeding switch your imagination on. When you see the egg served on this plate, you feel as they are one whole thing, two objects made to narrate. telling with two elements a funny situations.